Lulu's World

Welcome to the silent world of Lulu, where the only sound comes from a faint rustling of paper and the non-stop giggling of the audience. Using centuries old music hall technique with contemporary street theatre styling, Lulu quite literally creates something of beauty from the most drab scraps of real life. Exquisite clowning to warm your hearts.


Who needs words when you have a blank canvas and a marker to fill it!

Just a Guy

When Cormac has time away from touring the World with Lords of Strut he likes to bring his circus skills to the public with a fantastically hilarious show 'Just a Guy'. 

With over 15 years experience of working the streets and festivals around the globe

you are in safe hands with Cormac.

All you need is 'Just a Guy' and an audience.

Duille Beag


Duille the puppet is a survivor, armed with a suitcase and her cat, her life is in exile.Though there are hardships on her journey, she tackles life with an open heart and finds many friends  to help her along the way. This is a comic tale where we embark on  rediscovering the simple and precious moments of life.

    The Great Escape

        The Untold story of the world's greatest escape...

                         As they say,"when the age is in, the wit is out"

   ... so can Granny Yana be rescued in time for the show?


           Join our two sisters in their house on 3 legs,

    where life is a circus balancing act, suspended mid air!

The Great Escape